Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Appelilly Couture

So after launching my first post I finally thought it time to feature our first amazing vendor!

Appelilly Couture, run by stay at home mom Becca in her spare time out of California. She loves creating different and unique styles for others to enjoy! She has five kids ages ranging from 19-5, with one grand baby on the way!


Oh my goodness I first came across Becca's page as a fan entering a contest and have fallen in love with nearly everything she creates. I constantly wish they were my size! The time and dedication into each piece is shown in every picture that is posted and to me is different and far above from the rest out there, Becca also has gorgeous necklaces that match some of the head pieces as well!

When you look at these necklaces I want to buy them all! Yes, they are that fun! Yes, they are currently a huge trend among women right now, so who wouldn't want such fun things around there neck?! Seriously Check out one of my favorite ones:

  Pricing depends on how simple or how elaborate things are made, in my opinion very fairly priced for the time and effort! There are plenty of photos to go through for inspiration or even custom requests! Need help? Becca is always prompt at answering her posts and uploading new fun items!

  I sure hope you enjoy her things as much as I do and friend her page and share with others!! 

To find Becca's page's here are the links :  for her etsy shop and for Facebook

Saturday, May 19, 2012

So Many Gems!

Yay! Welcome to my first post! In order for me to tell you how I would love for my blog to be I first must tell you how I got the idea... A few weeks ago I entered a contest, now when you do that generally you need to like a vendors page, follow their blog and so forth. So I started entering more contests, up until the point it was a daily habit. It sounds much worse than it is I assure you! Now I had all these wonderful vendors of all kinds filling my daily feeds and it was more fulfilling than "I went to the dentist today".

I started learning what it took to make it as a small business no matter what field they were in, photography, children's clothing, accessories, etc, they were all under the same pressures to compete against large outsourced corporate american companies, or to sell their goods in the economy we have right now. I was amazed at the quality, the beauty, and just how friendly these women, almost all stay at home moms were. (I would add men too, but I haven't found any yet, so if I come across them, they so get included too!) So I began to form an idea over this past week after entering all these contests...

I have found so many different types of vendors over the past weeks and tried sharing them with my friends through FaceBook. I'm afraid though it just looks like muddled spam in the end! So I came up with an idea instead! I have found way too many amazing people and shops to not share, so instead i'm going to share them here after asking their permission to review them! I'm hoping to gain enough followers to do those fun giveaways! The one fun catch about my reviews? They will purely be Maid N America! Get it? So I will feature those fun small businesses with amazing talents and products! If you would like to see something specific, put it in the comments and perhaps it will be featured! Remember, the more you share the blog and join in, the more fun we can have!